Ryen Scott-Lewars


Latvia is located at coordinates 57 00 N and 25 00 E and is on the continent of Europe. Latvia is made up of 64,589 km of low plains and water and is a little larger than West Virginia. In this S'more you will learn about the Geography and Travel, Government and Foreign Policy, Economy, Social and Ethnic Groups, Religion, Language, and Country Flag, Traditional Holidays, Festivals, Clothing, and Food of Latvia as well as images that correspond with these topics.

Government and Foreign Policy

Latvias' type of government is a republic and the form of government is parliamentary republic.Their current leaders are Raimonds Vejonis (President) and Laimdota Straujuma (Prime Minister). The rights and responsibilities of a latvian citizen include the right and responsibility to vote and drink at the age of 18 like people in the USA. Latvia became part of the United Nations on September 17, 1991.


The currency used in Latvia is know as the Euro and 1 US dollar is equal to 1.11 Euros. Some of the exports that equal around 13.41 billion US dollars and are shipped to Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the UK include food stuff, metals, machines, equipment, textiles, and wood/wood product. As well as the 16.65 billion US dollars spent on imports like goods, machines, equipment, vehicles, chemicals and fuels from Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, and Finland. The GDP (per capita) is 23,800 US dollars.

Social and Ethnic Groups

The different ethnic groups in Latvia include Latvian, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Lithuanian, Latvian being the most common and Lithuanian being the least common ethnic group. As for the Latvian system in Latvia, men attend 15 years of school and women attend 16 years. The literacy rate in Latvia is very high at 99.9%. You could infer that education is required at some extent and is also valued by many.

Religion, Language, and Country Flag

The 4 specific religions are Lutheran, Orthodox, Other Christian, and Other but, the majority of the populations religion is unspecified. Languages including Latvian(major), Russian, Other, and Unspecified languages are commonly spoken in homes of Latvians. The flag of Latvia is said to go back to 1280 with ancient Latvian tribes who used the maroon background with a white stripe as a symbol. The Latvian flag design is one of the oldest in the world that is still used.

Traditional Holidays, Festivals, Clothing, and Food

Traditional Holidays and Festivals include the Jāņi (summer solstice) and the Ziemas saulgrieži (winter solstice). During these two major festivals people join together, eat food, and have fun. People usually wear crowns of fern or crowns of twig and flowers in the summer and large fur coats and costumes in the winter celebration. Some of the traditional foods served at these festivals include Bacon Rolls and during the cold season Latvians enjoy grey peas with bacon.