Living with Linus

How does growing up with a special needs sibling effect you

Meet Linus

Linus has been a part of my life since March 20, 2007. After one year we again to notice Linus was differnt. He didn't crawl, walk, or talk on time and he seemed a little weak. In 2008 we moved back to Illinois and got a new doctor. They were unable to diagnose Linus so as of today he is delayed or mentally disabled. That hasn't stopped Linus from becoming an important part of our family. He loves going on train rides with Dad and has a fasination with scuba diving

Negative effects

So far, at least in my life their has not been to many negative effects but that may change as he grows up. There is always the looming fear of who will have to care for Linus once mom and dad can't (Probably me). It is sometimes hard watching our weekends go to Linus and the lack of attention. According to the New York Times, children with disabled siblings may have a lack of attention. This has not been as prevelant for me as it has been for my middle brother Thomas. Linus does take up a lot of energy and attention but if your parents are good at managing attention it won't have to big of an effect. According to Consumer Helath Today, "The study found that healthy siblings of children with a disability experienced more problems with interpersonal relationships, psychological issues, functioning at school, and getting involved with sports and hobbies than did kids without such siblings." Many families will not have enough money to pay for extra curricular activities for their other children. My family has been very privileged not to have this problem.

Positive effects

According to the New York Times, children who grow up with special needs siblings are more likely to become doctors, teachers, scientists, or another proffesion that gives back to the community. We are yet to experience this but I want to teach and Thomas is determined to receive a doctor's title at some point. Studies have also show that siblings are able to adapt to differences easier and are more accepting. This one is defidently true. Having Linus around has made it much easier to change an activity or plan to adapt if someone needs help.

In conclusion

Linus has had a huge effect on my life and the lives of my other brothers, both positive and negative. Although it can be embarrassing when he screams or acts weird in public we still love him. He has pushed us all to be better people and the positives outweigh the negatives by a LANDSLIDE. No matter how differnt Linus is, he will always be my little brother and I wouldn't change it for the world.