Broadcast Media

Advertising is everywhere!

You can find advertisements on television, the radio, magazines, newspapers, stores, the World Wide Web, billboards, and even on buses. The average person is exposed to more than 2,000 advertisements a week!

The two main types of advertising

The two main types of advertising is promotional and institutional advertising.

What is media?

Media is the agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public. The4 general categories of advertising media are print, broadcast, online, and specialty.

Broadcast media

Broadcast media includes radio and television. The average person will spend nearly 10 years watching television and almost 6 years listening to the radio over a lifetime of 70 years.

Example: A commercial on television about weed killers.

Online media

Online advertising involves placing advertising messages on the Internet. Most online advertising appears as banner ads. A banner ad is usually a wide, shallow rectangle seen at the top or bottom of web pages which takes the user to the advertisers web page if clicked it's the mouse.

Example: An advertisement on the computer talking about Gieco Insurance.

Speciality media

Specialty Medicare relatively inexpensive, useful items with an advertiser's name printed on them. The items are usually given away with no obligation attached to receiving and keeping them.

Example: A pen with the company's name on it.