Miss Maudie a.k.a "Garden pimp"

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Maudie's opinions

Miss Maudie cares about her lawn and has grown up around male figures because of the way she is dressed like a boy. She does know how to bake and when ever she bakes she makes enough for scout, Jem, and Dill and she respects and cares about the children when it says "miss Maudie's benevlovece extended to Jem and dill". Miss Maudie enjoys having scout around to keep her company and have a someone to guide. Scout doesn't have a female role model so she has miss Maudie and they both get along. miss Maudie does not enjoy miss Stephanie Crawford because of her personality and how she try's to be nice but gossips to much as it says in the book "that is 3/4 colored folks and 1/4 Stephanie Crawford". Miss Maudie doesn't care what people think because boo radleys father is a foot baptized and yells at her for being outside and not inside as much.

Why has Harper lee included miss Maudie as a main character?

To give scout a eye opener so she can realize things around her aren't as good as she expected. And now scout has a woman role model so she won't turn out like miss Stephanie Crawford.