Longboard designer and builder

By:Michael FitzGerald

Some stuff about this job

If you had this job you'd most likely need to longboard so you know what it's like and you know what would be good designs for riding. This fits in the physical branch of science because of the math you'd need to use to beadle to measure stuff write on the longboard. Also it would fit in with the simple machines part of science because of the wheel and axle part.

What you'd do in this job

If you had this job you'd mostly figure out what would be a good design for a longboard,so you'd need to do experiments on witch longboards are the fastest and most comfortable to ride. Also you would spend time actually building them and measuring out everything and also putting everything together. Before you actually get into the job you'd need to first go to most likely need to go into school for math and also for being able to actually build the longboard like the trucks and everything so for welding and all of that.
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Some types of longboards

Some types of longboards are pin tail witch is the one and the far left a drop down witch is in the middle and a kids witch is at right.

Why I chose this and Intresting things about it

I chose this because I like longboarding and thought it would be cool to test longboards out and then make them for a career. Something I thought was interesting about this job is that some of the places they make longboards they also make surf boards.