Jackson Great Man or Not

by Steven blosch

Andrew Jackson part 1

We all know the one side of Jackson, the war hero, and the man of the people. For whites yes, but to the Indians he is a menace to society. Do we know who Jackson really is. Other than a very greedy man he is a very bad liar. He came up with excuses like, "They will have escaped from the white mans criticism. Life will be better on the other side of the Mississippi river." These are terrible lies to justify his greediness for the gold supposedly on their ground.

Andrew Jackson part 2

Andrew Jackson part 2

The man we know is a filthy liar. Sure he is the first president from the frontier, but as he was from South Carolina he acted like one too. he pretended to care to the opinions of the others around him, but all he heard is what benefited him or those he thought it should benefit. That is why he should not have been the president because of his actions.