Factors affecting participation

Disability, Age, Environment, Somatotype.


In sport there is 6 different categories for disability they have been splits up into groups. the groups are: Amputees, Vision Impaired, wheelchair, Cerebral palsy, Les Autres and Intellectual disability.

The people who have organised the categories are the English Federation of disability sport, The British Paralympic association.

They will need to modify the rules in the sports.


Men and Women.

Men and women do not often compete against each other because if significant differences in the physical make-up:

- Women have wider and flatter Pelvis,

- A Women menstrual cycle can affect her performance,

- Men have heavier bones

- Men have a higher testosterone levels so they are bigger and stronger muscle,

- Women are more flexible as they have lower muscle mass.



Weather- if it is hot it will cause dehydration to the performer but if it is too cold the performer will lose interest to go and play the sport.

Training- It will need to take place on a suitable ground for the sport what you will be doing

Altitude- being above the sea level can cause the training to become harder

Terrain- It affects the performance of the sport as for cyclist they need a flat ground to do training on

Humidity - It is combined with heat which makes the condition difficult for the performers to keep the body cool enough and avoid dehydration.

Competing - Many activities are stopped because of the weather, as it may be too wet, too windy , too foggy, or during a thunder storm.



- Children are not as strong at adults

- 40's and onward strength decrease as protein levels and muscle mass fall.

Flexibility.- When we get older we lose the suppleness of being

Oxygen Capacity- our capacity to transport and use oxygen to effectively fall as we age

Injury and disease- As we age we get weaker and it makes us less prone to injury and longer to heal.

Reaction time- as we age we get slower to react to the stimulus.

Experience- Older athletics are more experienced then younger athletics and they may feel intimated to compete.