Lyndon B. Johnson

The best president in American history

Early Life

  • Born: August 27, 1908
  • Parents: Sam and Rebekah Johnson
  • 3 sisters and 1 brother
  • Lived in a small farm house on Pedernales River
  • His Grandfather declared he would become a U.S. senator
  • Started school at age 4 and graduated High School at 15
  • 1927 he enrolled in Southwest Texas State Teachers College
  • After college he taught Mexican children, so he new the poor lifestyle
  • He became a Rep. in 1937, he wanted rural electrification, public housing, and to eliminate government waste.
  • 1940 he was appointed Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. naval reserve.
  • 1st member of congress to volunteer for active duty in the armed forces (navy) where he was awarded a silver star.
  • 1948 he became a senator
  • 1951 Majority whip, 1953 Minority Leader, and 1955 Majority Leader

Later in LIfe


  • Following the assassination of JFK, Johnson became the 36th President (1963-1969)
  • 1964 he won the presidency with a 61% vote, which is the largest popular margin in American History.
  • He wanted to alleviate poverty and create a "great society".
  • The great society wanted to aid education, medicare, urban renewal, and everyone to be able to vote
  • His medicare and social security act was widely appreciated among the elderly.
  • The country made spacetacular explorations under him, three astronauts were able to orbit the moon.
  • He limited the bombing of Vietnam in order to start negotiations.
  • Withdrew himself from re-elections so he could devote full effort to peace.

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