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5 Year Old Pit Mix!

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. You can see some sadness in Snowball's, but there's also a glimmer of hope. She is ready to love again - unconditionally.

When Snowball was found, she was emaciated, weighing half of what she does now. Since she's been in foster care, she has reached a healthy weight and she's thriving. You can tell she feels good by the way she chases balls, chews on toys, and gets psyched for walks. Snowball isn't all play, though. She loves to cuddle (in bed if you'll allow it) and she'll happily nuzzle her nose in the crook of your neck.

Perhaps what Snowball loves best is to go on car rides. She'll sit in the front seat and assume her job as co-pilot (it's easy to imagine her telling you to turn right at the next light). Hanging her big white head out the window sends her into rapture.

Snowball's rough beginnings have understandably made her nervous of new situations, so her ideal owner should be gentle, patient, and have experience with training dogs. Snowball reacts strongly to other dogs, although her foster family is working with her on that (she's making progress!). Snowball needs to be the only pet in the house and she would do best in an adult-only family.

It should be noted that Snowball has tested positive for heartworms. It's a treatable condition, and the cost is covered by APA! donors! You can read about heartworm treatment here:

There's a bigger plan for this survivor. Maybe being your best girl is it.

Visit her profile at the Austin Pets Alive! Website:

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Let's find Snowball a home!
Snowball was taken off of the euthanasia list, so if you adopt her, you are saving not only her, but also the next dog Austin Pets Alive! can save in her place!

To find out how you can take Snowball home with you, reply to this ad and an APA! volunteer will be happy to help you! To meet Snowball today, click here to see where she'll be:

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All APA! dogs and puppies are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworms (if over 6 months old), microchipped, and have a 30-day health insurance plan.