Evidence of Evolution

Proof of the Evolutionary Theorem

What is Natural Selection?

Natural Selection is the process of a species developing a trait as a group to help survival. Some animals in a species have certain traits, and those traits help them survive better. The mass population then starts to develop that trait as it is passed on through the breeding system. This trait can be affected by environmental and genetic factors.

Resisting the Tyranny of Antibiotics!

It has been found that bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. But how can this be so? Aren't antibiotics made to destroy germs? The answer is a relatively simple one. Through the process of natural selection, bacteria can mutate, thus rendering the antibiotic moot. This is then passed on through the generations following, and thus a new strain of bacteria is born. This is why every disease known to man hasn't been eradicated. It is nigh on impossible to do so. However, as bacteria evolves, so does technology.

The Big Names in Evolution

"I have here the proof, Your Honor."