Japanese Honeysuckle

Lillie Zentmeyer

Scientific Name:

Lonicera japonica

Native to?

Japan and Korea
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When was the Japanese Honeysuckle introduced to the United States?

During the early to mid-1800's

How was the the plant introduced to the United States?

As an ornamental plant for erosion control, and for wildlife forage and cover


The aggressive vine seriously alters or destroys the understory and herbaceous layers of the communities it invades. These communities include prairies, barrens, glades, flat woods, savannas, floodplain and upland forests. It may also alter understory bird populations in forest communities.

Solutions to the impact?

Efforts to control Japanese honeysuckle infestations include the following methods: mowing, grazing, prescribed burning and herbicides. While grazing and mowing reduce the spread of vegetative stems, prescribed burns or a combination of prescribed burns and herbicide spraying appears to be the best way to destroy this vine.

Where is it located today?

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