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November 2021

Pleasanton Primary Mission Statement

The Primary family is devoted to educating and inspiring all students academically, socially, and emotionally by giving our love and instilling integrity. We will model the importance of family, faith, and wisdom with our leaders of tomorrow.

Pleasanton Primary Vision Statement

The vision of Pleasanton Primary School is to equip and empower a community of lifelong learners with the foundation to lead and succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Grade Level Student Goals

Special Education

Literacy-Identify 5 letters and sounds, write/trace name.

Math-Count to 30 and count by 5's.


Literacy-Students should be able to write and identify all the letters in their name.

Math-Students should be able to count to 15 and identify numerals 1-4, and count sets of up to 4 items.


Literacy-Sort objects into 2-3 categories.

Math-Counting on from any given number, writing numbers to 10.

First Grade

Language Arts- Read and spell short vowel words with digraphs sh, ch, th, wh

Math-Addition and subtraction up to 20 (word problems and solving number sentences)

Students of the Month

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Morning Drop off

Reminder to all parents/guardians that breakfast is served from 7:40 to 8:00 AM to all students in the classroom. The first bell rings at 7:45 and Teacher instruction begins at 8:00 AM. Any students who arrives after 7:55 AM must be walked into the building.
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Fantastic Fridays

When your child attends school Monday through Thursday with no absences, they earn a privilege on the Friday of that particular week. We refer to this as Fantastic Fridays (FF) on the monthly calendar.

November 5-Superhero Shirt Day

November 12-Hat Day

November-19-Inside out Day

November 26th-No School

Important Dates to Remember

November 7th- Daylight Savings Time

November 10th- Fall Picture Retakes

November 11th-Veterans Day

November 16th-Thanksgiving Lunch for students

November 16th- GT Family Night 5:30-6:15

November 18th- First Grade Family Night 5:30-6:30

November 22-26th-Thanksgiving Holiday- NO SCHOOL

2021-22 Lunch and Learn

November 15, 2021 at 10:00 AM

In-person at the CO-OP


Join the CO-OP for a guided tour of your child's very important ARD documents. Feel free to bring your child's ARD paperwork to the training. Please RSVP for this event by November 8th to reserve your seat, 830-569-1355, ext 3029.

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Andrada

How to Help Your Child Develop Empathy

Empathy is the ability to imagine how someone else is feeling in a particular situation and respond with care. This is a very complex skill to develop. Being able to empathize with another person means that a child:

• Understands that he is a separate individual, his own person; • Understands that others can have different thoughts and feelings than he has;

• Recognizes the common feelings that most people experience—happiness, surprise, anger, disappointment, sadness, etc.;

• Is able to look at a particular situation (such as watching a peer saying good-bye to a parent at child care) and imagine how he—and therefore his friend—might feel in this moment; and

• Can imagine what response might be appropriate or comforting in that particular situation—such as offering his friend a favorite toy or teddy bear to comfort her.

Empathize with your child. For example, “Are you feeling scared of that dog? He is a nice dog but he is barking really loud. That can be scary. I will hold you until he walks by.” Talk about others’ feelings. For example, “Kayla is feeling sad because you took her toy car. Please give Kayla back her car and then you choose another one to play with.” Suggest how children can show empathy. For example, “Let’s get Jason some ice for his boo-boo.” Read stories about feelings. Some suggestions include:

• I Am Happy: A Touch and Feel Book of Feelings

• My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

• How Are You Peeling by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers

• Feelings by Aliki • The Feelings Book by Todd Parr

• Baby Happy Baby Sad by Leslie Patricelli

• Baby Faces by DK Publishing

• When I Am/Cuando Estoy by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza Be a role model.

When you have strong, respectful relationships and interact with others in a kind and caring way, your child learns from your example. Use “I” messages. This type of communication models the importance of self-awareness: I don’t like it when you hit me. It hurts. Validate your child’s difficult emotions. Sometimes when our child is sad, angry, or disappointed, we rush to try and fix it right away, to make the feelings go away because we want to protect him from any pain. However, these feelings are part of life and ones that children need to learn to cope with. In fact, labeling and validating difficult feelings actually helps children learn to handle them: You are really mad that I turned off the TV. I understand. You love watching your animal show. It’s okay to feel mad. When you are done being mad you can choose to help me make a yummy lunch or play in the kitchen while mommy makes our sandwiches. This type of approach also helps children learn to empathize with others who are experiencing difficult feelings. Use pretend play. Talk about feelings and empathy as you play. For example, you might have your child’s stuffed hippo say that he does not want to take turns with his friend, the stuffed pony. Then ask your child: How do you think pony feels? What should we tell this silly hippo? Think through the use of “I’m sorry.” We often insist that our toddlers say “I’m sorry” as a way for them to take responsibility for their actions. But many toddlers don’t fully understand what these words mean. While it may feel “right” for them to say “I’m sorry”, it doesn’t necessarily help toddlers learn empathy. A more meaningful approach can be to help children focus on the other person’s feelings: Chandra, look at Sierra—she’s very sad. She’s crying. She’s rubbing her arm where you pushed her. Let’s see if she is okay. This helps children make the connection between the action (shoving) and the reaction (a friend who is sad and crying). Be patient. Developing empathy takes time and is a complex skill that will continue to develop across your child’s life

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Ghostly Reading Night

Ghostly Reading Night

Pleasanton Primary School enjoyed a fun filled night with students and their families at the Annual Ghostly Reading Night on October 26, 2021. Families were invited to come in their Halloween costumes for a night of ghoulish tales and trick or treating! There were over 385 primary students plus additional family members in attendance. Four primary staff members volunteered to read a favorite Halloween story as the families rotated to each. The Primary staff was also supported by nine Pleasanton High School organization / clubs (BPA, HOSA, NHS, Student Council, Journalism, Theater, Spanish Club, FFA, Art Club). These groups passed out candy as families trick or treated down the Primary halls. The night ended with every child visiting the Book Fair.

Pleasanton Primary would like to thank all of the families who participated. Without your support, none of this would be possible!

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon week takes place every year with a mission to help keep kids drug free. Last week, our students participated in extra activities including themed days, a Buddy Walk, visits from the Pleasanton Police, Firefighters, and the Atascosa County SWAT. The students had the opportunity to see many of the tools used by the different departments in order to keep our community safe. The Buddy Walk is held to promote healthy choices such as staying drug free and being a buddy, not a bully. Our Little Eagles made signs, dressed in their favorite superhero gear, and took a walk around the Primary campus. During the walk, our students were cheered on by the Jr. High cheerleaders and the High School drumline.
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Look at our students shine!

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We are the Eagles!

The soaring, soaring Eagles!

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