Student Assessments

What They Are and Why We Use Them

My View on Assessments

Assessments can be used as a powerful tool in any classroom. Assessments allow me to see where each student stands in their understanding of content and helps me make decisions to further and more effectively continue to teach them. I believe it is important that we, as a team, do not fear state mandated tests, but instead embrace them as a way to help prepare our students to be tomorrow's leaders!

Massachusetts State Assessments

Following Common Core standards, Massachusetts has all-encompassing standardized tests that each student will take, if applicable. It is important that, although daunting at times, these tests are taken seriously and are promoted in a healthy learning environment. The goal of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System is to monitor student's growth and prepare them for college level and vocational level work, which, of course, is one overarching theme of education.

Want More Information?

For more information on the State of Massachusetts student assessments, visit the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website at