Hawk Billed Sea Turtles

By: Carson Burch

Why is hawks billed endangered

They are endangered because of poaching for its beautiful shell it is now illegal to import or export turtles. Also where they lay eggs on the beaches they lay there eggs.


Adult hawksbill sea turtles are primarily found in tropical coral reefs. They are usually seen resting in caves and ledges in and around these reefs throughout the day. As a highly migratory species, they inhabit a wide range of habitats, from the open ocean to lagoons and even mangrove swamps in estuaries Little is known about the habitat preferences of early life-stage like other sea turtle young, they are assumed to be completely pelagic, remaining at sea until they mature.

Interesting facts

Young hawksbill turtles are unable to dive deep and spend their early years floating among sea plants near the water’s surface.