It's a Small, Small World!

"Alpha Delta Kappa is an international honorary organization of women educators dedicated to educational excellence, altruism and world understanding."

We foster world understanding not only by connecting with sisters across the globe but by traveling the world. As current and former teachers, we are "accidental ambassadors" for our country, our state and our profession. As educators we know the value of creating lesson plans. This site is intended to provide guidance as we venture into the planning process for our vacations and world travels.


Joel Dawson's travel photo gallery.
Joel Dawson is a local Tallahassee travel enthusiast who graciously shared her travel expertise with our Alpha Delta Kappa chapter. She has been planning worldwide excursions for educators for many years and her photo gallery speaks for itself. Take a peek!

Using Travel Recommendations from Websites

The websites listed in this newsletter have been selected by the author of this site. They are simply the author's opinion regarding what would comprise important information when planning a travel/vacation trip. As with all Internet sites, the reader should always verify information before confirming any travel plans located on the Internet.

Cana Nudi, Alpha Sigma

Cana has been an ADK member since 1992. She recently retired after 33 years as an educator. This site was created for a chapter educational meeting.