Pratt's Primary Corner

Weekly Update- December 15, 2017

Week at a Glance

Reading- We finished Frindle and will begin our new read aloud after winter break! :)

Math- We finished up Unit 3 and took our pretest for Unit 4. I decided not to start Unit 4, measurement until after break, so we could focus on our E4Tech lessons that have had some heavy math content. We've still been doing number corner everyday. This month our focus for number corner is fractions and measuring mass of objects.

Writing- We have been publishing our personal narratives this week, and many of us have written more than one. When we return from break, I will set up a date to have parents come in to hear our narratives for a "writers cafe," ...full of hot chocolate and a YouTube crackling fire. :)

Science/Social Studies- Yesterday we did our first actual coding lesson for e4tech, using the program Scratch. Students were so engaged and full of curiosity & inquiry. Coding requires problem solving, perseverance, and critical thinking skills... your kiddos really rose to the occasion.

Click here to see the Family Traditions project, project due Monday!

Family Traditions Project

Here is the schedule I came up with based on your responses to the Google Form sent out last week.

All students will present on Monday, December 18th. I have placed student names for each time slot, but this does not mean students will present in this order. If you signed up for either slot, I will make sure you are here before your child presents.

10:00-11:15- Elliot, Jackson, Julia, Aaven, Alfonso, Kyler, Ava, Layla, Noah, Maddy, Archit

1:45-3:00- Kellie, Olivia, Dempsey, Noelle, Nicholas, Connor, Asher, Gavin, Addie, Caroline, Nehaa, Lavon

If you did not sign up for a slot, but will be attending and your child's time slot does not work for you, please let me know immediately. Thanks!

Please try to make sure all food samples are bite-sized so we don't have belly aches. :) Also, we no longer have nut allergies.

Winter Party

If you would like to sign up to help with the winter party or send in supplies, click the link below:

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Bahr.

MAP Testing

Due to scheduling conflicts, I have had to make another change to the MAP schedule. This should be the set schedule and no changes will need to be made unless I am out sick for some reason.

We will take the MAP Math test on Tues. Jan. 9th.

We will take the MAP Reading test on Weds. Jan. 17th.

This time, the reading test will be an opportunity for students to pass the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee requirement.