5 Mobile Apps for Mobile Learning

Apps that can be used in K-12 classrooms

1. Animoto

Animoto is a free video editing app which can be downloaded on Apple and Android phones. This app allows students to use video clips and pictures from their phones to create high quality videos with licensed music. One use of this app could be for modern interpretation presentation of Romeo and Juliet

2. Mobl21

Mobl21 allows teachers to make study guides, flash cards, and quizzes, all available for students on their mobile devices. Teachers can use this app to give students additional study material, or keep track of their learning and review habits through the apps. Mobl21 also allows teachers to get student feedback through polls, as well as collaborate with other teachers. One use of this app could be for teacher to post study terms for an upcoming social studies quiz, saving paper.

3. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a app that allows students to respond via an anonymous poll to questions composed by the teacher. One use for this app could be as a quick way to quiz students on the digestive system after a lecture.

4. Voicethread

Voicethread is an app that allows teachers to record videos complete with closed captions about a particular topic. Students, parents, and other classes can be added to the discussion, and contribute. One use for this app could be for a student who is away on a trip to still provide their input about the latest chapter of their reading of 1984, by George Orwell.

5. Fotobabble

Fotobabble is an app that allows students to take photos on their mobile devices, and record text or audio messages that accompany these photos. One use for this app could be for an assignment that asks students to define: "What is Canadian?", and follow their chosen symbol with an explanation.