Golgi Apparatus

Job opening!

Your Choices of Work!

  • Assembly line packaging
  • Export proteins to plants
  • Export proteins to animals
  • Modify proteins made by the cell

What would you be doing?

  • Cis Face- The start of the assembly line (every Golgi has two faces)
  • Income-trabsport vesicles- taking in already made protein and modifying it for the cell (Skill-experience in fixing things) (They re modify protein for the cell and what they need)
  • Cisternea- Checking to make sure all modifications were done correctly.
  • Lumen- The interior of the cisternea. (management)
  • Trans face- Shipping of the protein to animals or plants.

Best job for You!

This is the best job for you because you have the choice, of the most important part of Cell Town!!! All different skills are accepted here. We are the best because who could live with out protein?? That's right, no one. With out us your cell would not work like a whole team because they would be weak. So come join the best!