Geothermal Energy

How the technology uses the resource to make energy?

Geothermal energy...what is that?

Geothermal energy is a consistent and reliable resource that is ideal for replacing base load power sources such as polluting coal plants. Though initial development of a project can be expensive, long-term costs are extremely low. We should be investing heavily in geothermal development for our energy future.


Real levelized costs for geothermal electricity generation are 4.5 to 7.5 cents per kilowatt-hour – competitive with many fossil fuel facilities, but without the pollution. Delivered costs depend on ownership arrangements, financing, transmission, the quality of the resource, and the size of the project In conclusion IS VERY EXPENSIVE...


Installing a geothermal system is like getting a 70% discount on energy...

This technology is used now like...

The geothermal energy is using their underground reservoirs of steam and hot water to generate electricity and to heat and cool building used directly for cooking and heating.

where this resource would do well in the United states?

California 0.7%

Nevada 15.3%

Utah 1.4%

Hawaii 1.1%

Oregon 1.0%

Idaho 0.5%

New Mexico 0.1%

Alaska 0.1%