VCR 10 Presentation

The ______________ created from the illegal dumping of grease caused the sewer main to overflow.

Occlusion (n.)

Something that blocks; an obstruction
Latin Roots:
  1. Claudo, Claudere, Clausi, Clausum-"to close"
  2. oc=ob "off" "against"
Other Forms:
  • Occlude (v.)
  • Occludent (adj.)
  • Occlusive (adj.)


  • closure
  • barricade
  • barrier
  • blockage
  • stoppage


  • opening
  • crack
  • outlet
  • channel
  • egress

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a) John had to get surgery because a retinal artery occlusion was restricting blood flow to his eye.
b) The large cumulus clouds occluded the bright summer sun.
c) The occlusive object in the roadway allowed traffic to flow more smoothly.
d) Bill was very happy to find out that he did not need braces since he had a normal occlusion between his teeth.