By Charlotte Morlock

Winston Churchill's Perseverance

Winston Churchill is a smart and inspirational historical figure. He was born on November 30th 1874. His childhood was rough, sad and depressing. His parents were rarely around, and he was sent to a new school where he had to meet and learn about new people which is hard for most people. Throughout his life he has shown strength, kindness, and intelligence. For example in 1940 at Harrow School he sang songs to cheer up sad and angry people (kindness.) He also said he would never give up no matter what (strength) during a desperate time of war. However, he is best known for becoming the Prime Minister of Great Britain. During this time there was a war between Great Britain and Germany, which was during the Holocaust. Winston Churchill once said “Never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing small or petty give in.” From this quote we know that he was brave and he was confident in himself and he was not a quitter, he just kept going no matter what.

Jackie Robinson's Perseverance

Branch Rickey wanted Jackie Robinson on their baseball team even though he was black and not white. He warned Jackie about what was going to happen to him while he was on the baseball team. Jackie later agreed to be on the baseball team even though there could be consequences that something would happen to him. He could not retaliate at all because then people would think blacks were bad and that they were right about them even though they were not. So the people did bad things to him, even his team mates and still Jackie did not retaliate at all no matter what happened to him. Ricky had a good passion and nature but what Jackie did for baseball was nothing compared to what he did for society. He spoke up for African Americans rights and so blacks and whites could be equal but many people did not like him for that. But Ricky was proud of him for speaking up for himself. Pretty soon in the future African Americans had gained their own rights and no longer had to be under the control of whites laws.

Losing to Win's Perseverance

The girls in the video lived on dirty streets and gross rat infested houses. Their parents were taking drugs and the girls had a hard time trusting each other. One girl even ran away from home and then lived with her friend after that. So they were sent to a special school for special kids which was an all girls school for special girls. Most of the kids had to join the basketball team to get to know each other better and learn how to trust each other. There was only one problem though, the basketball team was not very good because they had disabilities. The team was on a 208 game losing streak and the scores in the end were horrible. Scores such as 50 to 3 and 100 to 8. The girls were tough though and dealt with it even though it made them even more sad than before. The team got beat up and teased by other school basketball teams because they were not the best basketball players. That made the girls on the basketball team feel sad and lonely. So the kids started abusing drugs like there parents. Pretty soon at the end of the school year, the girls had started to believe in themselves and got over their disabilities. At the end of the year the basketball team’s score was 30 to 80. They did not win but they still did good and had fun too, so they celebrated after the basketball game. The girls could now finally trust in each other and be friends in the end.

What Can We Learn About Perseverance?

Perseverance is never given up, no matter what; you need to always try your hardest. You should never give up no matter what the cost. Do not let anyone suppress you when you have a goal that you want to achieve. Try your best to transcend, and go above the limits set for you. The people in this newsletter have done great work to persevere. They have had to reconcile their bad problems in order to succeed. The Lady Jags had to be catalysts during their losing streak and overcome their burdens and work together to achieve their goals.