by Ronan

Basic Info

Spiders are arachnids.  They are invertebrates which means they dont have a backbone.  Spiders have eight legs unlike insects.  They have venom to turn there prey to mush so they can eat it.  Spiders have exo - skeletons which protects them from enemys. 


Spiders can make there webs anywhere exept Antartica in the winter spiders crawl into your homes.

Life Cycle

The spiderlings hatch out of the egg and rip through the sack. then after a couple of days the spiderlings start to molt they do this about 10 times before they are adults then they can make eggs of their own and cover them with a silk sack called a eggsack


Spiders have spinneretts to help them make there homes and to cover there eggs.

Interesting Facts

There babys are called spiderlings. They can molt to get bigger. The female is bigger than the male. When the spiderlings are born they climb to the highest place and let out a string of silk and glide away this is called ballooning.

Food Chain

The sun gives the flower energy. and then a mosqito comes along and drinks the nectar. and a hungry dragonfly comes to eat the mosqito. and then the dragonfly gets caught in a spiders web and the spider bites the dragonfly then eats it. then a starving spider hunter flies by and spots the spider then it dives down to eat it.