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Our shops sells you the opportunity to interact with others.

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How Does Classic Hitch Works

The process begins with you taking their lengthy personality assessment. You’ll want to set aside a good 30 minutes to complete it.

From there, you set up a profile. Make sure your profile is an accurate display of who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you’re funny, don’t try too hard. If you’re not athletic, don’t include photos of you holding a tennis racket. Just be honest—with your words and your photos.

When you start receiving matches, you’ll have the option to begin communication with them or close them. If you close them, they’ll be removed from your view. If you want to start communicating with them, you’ll have 2 options: Use their guided communication system (choose from their questions) or go straight to open communication (emails through the site). How you proceed is up to you and your comfort level. If you’re new to online dating and it makes you nervous, you might find the guided communication to be helpful. But if you’re a maverick of sorts, you can get straight to the heart of the matter and start talking.