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Welding degrees are usually offered by technical schools such as NWTC and Fox Valley Tech. These degrees are usually a one year degree, but can sometimes be a two year degree. Before you pursue your welding degree, it is helpful to have some metals or shop classes in High School.


Welding is a career field that promises a fast paced, ever changing work environment. Their is opportunity for employment all over the world. Only a bad attitude can limit where this career will take you!

Earn While You Learn!

After you obtain your welding degree, you can apply for an apprenticeship with the local 400 union. If you are selected for an apprenticeship, you get hired on and receive five years of on the job training. All while being paid!


A few skills and traits are required to become a welder. You have to be able to handle and operate heavy machinery and have a steady hand. Having a welding degree is recommended, and being able to work with others is a must.

Working Conditions

Welders must be able to work indoors, outdoors, and in some cases even under water. Their are some job hazards, such as getting sun-burnt from the welding arc, getting burns from hot metal, and breathing problems from smoke and shielding gas inhalation.

Local Companies With Jobs Available

Twelve dollars an hour starting average

Great Benefits!

  • 401k
  • Health, Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Paid Holidays and Vacation
  • Opportunities for Prompotion