Educational Mobile Apps

Module 9

What exactly is a Mobile App?

The term "app" is short for what is called a software application. Basically, apps are programs that are developed specifically to run on small computer devices such as tablets or smartphones anywhere at any time! There are a wide variety of apps that are used generally to enhance the usability of your device. Some apps are free to download and use, while others have a small fee and can sometimes require a wireless network to run on. Apps can exist in the form of games, be used for social networking, access local news or weather, or can even help you to use your time efficiently and book meetings or appointments. Regardless, all apps can be accessed through distribution platforms on your device.

Here we will be focusing on apps that can be used in the classroom to assist in and enhance the learning experience!

How do you get Mobile Apps?

Depending on the type of device that your students have access to, there are two platforms that apps can be downloaded through.

GooglePlay is the store that is used by Android users and can be used to download apps on devices such as smartphones, and tablets that are developed by Google and Samsung. If you have a device created by Apple, there is a separate portal to find apps which is fittingly called the App Store.

Both brands of devices, though fairly similar, have slight differences and may also have differentiated access to certain apps you may be looking for. This is important to keep in mind, especially if you use one brand to browse or plan lessons and are planning on using another to work through them with your students.

Some Recommended Apps for the Classroom...