Overthrow in Hawaii 1893

Lost of Hawaii Monarchy


During this time the Hawaiian kingdom has came to an end, with the help of Minister John L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland, and President William McKinley.

Historical Significance

Without minister John L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland, and President William McKinley. The overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom on January 17, 1893 would have not been achievable without them. This is an extremely important topic in Hawaii because it’s when Hawaii lost its only monarchy. This was a disaster to the native Hawaiians because chiefs had no power and they couldn't live the way Hawaiians used to live. Like being self- sufficient or self-contained. I want the reader to take from my project is some knowledge they learned from it like why the Hawaiians were annexed illegal and moral.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully a state of the union

I think that Hawaii is not legal and lawfully a state, because native Hawaiians got their kingdom illegally taken from them. This was an act of war by getting annexed by foreigners. President Sanford dole of the republic of Hawaii the president at the time during the overthrow, could have gotten the right authority to make Hawaii one as them.

Kaulana Na Pua meaning

In this video they are saying how the Hawaiian children are loyal to the land and when evil- hearted messenger comes to give them a document of extortion, and how they don't care about the enemy's paper or the governments money because their satisfied with the stones and food the land already provides.

Kaulana Na Pua


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