Use the Narrator Tool to Stay on Task

What's the Narrator Tool?

The Narrator tool can help you to stay on task by reading what is on the screen for you aloud. Best of all? The Narrator tool can be used in Spanish to allow you to hear the correct pronunciation of words you read!

Watch how to use the Windows 7 Narrator Tool here:

Windows 7 Narrator Tutorial

How will the Narrator Tool help me in Spanish?

Spanish students struggle most with their oral production of the language and their pronunciation. By setting the Narrator in the Voice Settings of this access tool, you will be able to learn better pronunciation of the Spanish text you are reading.

First, follow this link to add the Spanish voice pack to your computer.

After your computer is set to Spanish, visit the settings page in the Ease of Access section of your computer's Control Panel for further setting changes. (See Below)

Big image

How can I more easily use the Narrator tool?

It would not be called the Ease of Access Center if its tools were not easy to use! So as to avoid consistently changing windows to control the Narrator tool, click here for keyboard codes!


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