School IPAD Programs

Danielle Yeomans

How to have a successful iPad Program

We are all excited when we get something new to use and we want to try out everything on it but to have a successful iPad program teachers need to become familiar with the basic first so they are proficient with using them. The more comfortable teacher are with technology the more they will use it in their classroom with students. Once they are familiar with the basics then introduce all the cool fun apps that are available for use!

Make sure you now know what your end goals are. Have a great foundation and make sure everyone is one the same page so it will be successful. Tons of free applications for students to use. There is always something new and its an on going process!

Great Apps and Programs Recommended

Google Forms: a great way teachers can send surveys out to staff or parents to gain feedback about a topic or question. I have used these before and they are super easy and such a timesaver! All responses are stored in a spread sheet that can be viewed and shared.

Class Dojo: is a classroom management app that allows teachers to set up their class and give out points and take away points based on behavior of students. This info can easily be share with parents. I have used this in my class and I love it! It is such a fun class management program and the students love it as well!

Edmodo: is a safe site where teachers can add students to the class (and parent) and they can view notes, assignments, and share their own things. I haven't personally used this site but I hear wonderful things about it! I may try it our this year!

Sock Puppets: a digital storytelling app. Write story before hand, then choose your characters and record yourself using the iPad. Then playback and have fun listening!

Zite: pulls top information based on your preferences. form top sites around the world! Its like your personal newspaper tailored specifically for you!

Nook: has tons of free tittles available to get into the hands of teachers and students.

Review of Webinar

I enjoyed the webinar of how to create a successful iPad program in your school. It was well presented and easy to follow along with. It had great recommendations of popular apps to explore and maybe incorporate into the school. (some I have even used in the past!) This was just the beginning on how to have a successful program in the school and I would love to watch more webinars to learn more about this!
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Secondary Informational Text

After viewing the webinar I found some videos and websites that could be beneficial to teachers and staff. These resources can help create a successful school iPad program.

1. Apple iPad Tutorial is a video that shows you the basics of how to use an iPad. This could be a great resource tool for teachers to video who have never used an iPad before. It is a slow pace and offer step by step instructions. This is just the first video but more are available for viewing. They can be found one youtube as well.

2. Listly: The Best Education Apps- This site offer a plethora of information on great apps that are available for use in the school. They are in a list format so it is easy for viewing! There is something for everyone on the this listly. Each also has a brief overview of the app so you can determine if the app is something you want to learn more about so no time is wasted if it isn't going to meet your needs.

3. School Trades Paper for iPads video- This is a short video that shows how one school is using iPads in their school. They seem to have a successful iPad program incorporated and I thought this would be a great video for teachers/staff to view to see a successful program and the end result they are working towards.

4. 10 steps to a successful iPad program- this website provides information on how to create a successful iPad program. School must remember that every school needs and demands are different so some of these steps or suggestions may need to be tweaked to meet their demands. I thought it had some useful information and facts that teachers and staff could use.

Apple iPad Tutorial Part 1
School trades paper for iPads