Blue Devil Blast

Volume I, Issue 16 - November 19, 2021

November 19 2021 Blue Devil Blast

It's Thanksgiving Break!

7th graders participated in Career Day today (Friday) and all grade levels got to participate in a PBIS Fun Day during Connections. Ask your child what it means to be a Respectful, Responsible Role-Model.

Thanks for all that you do. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

The Coming Month

  • November 22 - 26 - Thanksgiving/Fall Break
  • December 2 - Chorus/Orchestra Winter Concert
  • December 2 - Basketball @ North Gwinnett MS
  • December 4 - Basketball vs. Lilburn
  • December 6 - Basketball @ Jones
  • December 7 - School Council Meeting
  • December 7 - Band Winter Concert
  • December 9 - Basketball vs. Duluth
  • December 9 - Midfest @ UGA (select band students)
  • December 11 - Basketball vs. Twin Rivers
  • December 13 - Basketball @ Radloff
  • December 14 - Theatre Arts Performance
  • December 16 - Basketball vs. Osborne
  • December 17 - Last Day o' School: First Semester
  • December 20 - January 5 - Winter Break
  • January 6 - First Day o' School: Second Semester

Drive Through Food Pantry

Gwinnett County Public Library in partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank will hold a drive through food pantry at the Gwinnett County Public Library, Lilburn Branch on November 23.

Food will be distributed starting by 10 a.m. on a first-come, first-served basis, one package per family while supplies last. Each package will contain up to 20 lb. of produce in addition to shelf stable items. Distribution will be a drive through process with volunteers bringing food packages out to cars.

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Math Night

We had an AMAZING math carnival night on Tuesday, Nov 16 in the cafeteria. We had a great turnout! A huge THANKS to all math teachers for engaging our parents and students in playing math games, there was a huge competition going on between parents and students! A special thanks to the math leads for planning the activities.
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Grade Level News You Can Use

Updated Mask Guidance for Second Semester

As of January 4, 2022, Gwinnett County Public Schools will implement updated mask guidance based on community transmission as determined by the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH)—

  • Masks will be required in all GCPS facilities during periods of “Substantial” or “High” community transmission.
  • When community transmission has been maintained at the “Moderate” level for two consecutive weeks, GCPS will transition to strongly recommending masks in all of its facilities. (This means that if Gwinnett County has been in the “Moderate” range for the two weeks prior to the beginning of the 2nd semester, students and staff will return in January with masks strongly recommended.)
  • Masks will still be mandated on buses in compliance with federal mandates.

On Monday, January 3, GCPS will communicate via SchoolMessenger and post on the district website the status of community transmission and mask guidance for students and staff returning to school and work that week.

Masks continue to be an important mitigation strategy in the fight against COVID. In addition to strongly recommending the use of masks during sustained “Moderate” levels of community transmission, GCPS will maintain current layered mitigation strategies. Families can monitor conditions at their school and within the district by reviewing GCPS’ COVID dashboard, which is updated daily on school days. Information about the level of community transmission, along with a link to the DPH, will be added to the GCPS website to allow families to easily find this information.

GCPS will continue to follow the Georgia DPH guidance regarding isolation for confirmed and probable cases and quarantine for those identified as close contacts.


  • During periods when masks are not required, students identified as close contacts will be required to quarantine unless they have been fully vaccinated or have had COVID within the last 90 days. During quarantine, students will learn asynchronously, accessing assignments through eCLASS or through materials provided by their teachers.
  • Note that during times when masks are required, quarantine protocols will follow the practices currently in place (no quarantine if both students are wearing masks, etc.)


  • There is no change for quarantine guidance for staff members—staff who are within six feet of a positive case for at least 15 minutes (with or without a mask) must quarantine unless they are fully vaccinated or have had COVID within the last 90 days.

As more of our community members are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine—including our youngest students—and there has been ongoing improvement in COVID conditions, GCPS leaders saw an opportunity to implement a metric that takes into account community transmission rates in its masking guidance.

Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts explains, “When the decision was made to implement the mask mandate in July, primary considerations were the high transmission rates in the community and the fact that our students were ineligible for the vaccine. Since then, much progress has been made in terms of decreasing transmission rates of COVID-19 in our community and vaccinations are now available for individuals ages 5 and older.

“While I believe our GCPS mask requirement has helped us and our community to mitigate the spread of COVID, conditions have changed and we are at a point where we can and should revisit mask guidance. Know that GCPS will continue to strongly encourage masks during times of ‘Moderate’ and even ‘Low’ transmission as part of our layered mitigation strategies, and move quickly to reinstate the requirement for masks should community spread rise to the ‘Substantial’ or ‘High’ range.

“Experience over the last 20 months has taught us how quickly things can change. This plan provides the flexibility for our schools to safely manage that change. Working together, we will navigate the COVID-19 situation through the spring, ensuring we address the needs of students and staff.”

6th Grade

  • We wish you and your families a wonderful, restful, relaxing Thanksgiving break!
  • Parents, we have 3 weeks after the break until the end of the semester. Please remind your children to be checking their grades, turning in assignments, and studying for the upcoming finals.
  • We’ll be having Saturday tutoring sessions coming up in December for Khan Academy on December 4th and December 11th, here in the building.

Mr. Lenie George

6th Grade Assistant Principal


Mrs. Pam Griswell

6th Grade Counselor


7th Grade

Happy Thanksgiving, 7th Grade!

Career Day today was a great success!

When we return from Thanksgiving Break, we will be preparing for final exams. However, in the meantime, get some rest this week and enjoy your time away.

Mr. Stacy James

7th Grade Assistant Principal


Mrs. Yunilda Valdez

7th Grade Counselor


8th Grade

Happy Thanksgiving, 8th Grade!

When we return from Thanksgiving Break, we will be preparing for final exams and finalizing your high school selection for next year.

An overview of the high school selection process is available online at Please review this information and be ready to select when you return from break.

Please take this week to rest, recharge, and connect with friends and family this break. You deserve this time away. We will see you on the 29th!

Mrs. Christy Gray

8th Grade Assistant Principal


Mrs. Robin Blackwell

8th Grade Counselor


Mrs. Kimberly Blackshear

Gear Up/ Special Education Counselor


Cell Phone Policy

Student cell phones are best left at home for the school day. However, we understand that some of you need your child to bring it with them due to before or after school concerns.

While students are on campus, cell phones are not to be powered on, are not to be visible, and are not to be in the hands of the student. We have phones in various places throughout the building that we can use to reach out and contact you should there be a need to inform you of anything throughout the day. Please help us as we prevent many of the issues that student cell phones could cause.

(Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels)

Athletics & Clubs

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Basketball Season is Underway!

November 13: Away - Coleman Middle School
November 18: Home - Pinckneyville Middle School

December 2: Away - North Gwinnett Middle School (at North Gwinnett High School)
December 4: Home - Lilburn Middle School
December 6: Away - Jones Middle School (at Mill Creek High School)
December 9: Home - Duluth Middle School
December 11: Home - Twin Rivers Middle School
December 13: Away - Radloff Middle School (at Meadowcreek High School)
December 16: Home - Osborne Middle School
January 8: Home - Northbrook Middle School
January 10: Away - Lanier Middle School (at Lanier High School)
January 13: Home - Hull Middle School
January 15: Away - Creekland Middle School (at Collins Hill High School)
January 19: Away - Dacula Middle School (at Dacula High School)

Tickets are $3.00, cash at the gate

Digital Tickets are $4.00

(available on as the date approaches)

Upcoming Assessments

Fall 2021 Final Exam Schedule

Connections A - December 13

Connections B - December 14

Science - December 15

Language Arts - December 15

Social Studies - December 16

Math - December 16

Makeups - December 17

Khan Academy 48% in November!

We are up against Thanksgiving, which means there's not a lot of time left to accomplish this month's Khan Academy goal. This month's goal is 48% progress on Khan Academy.

We are giving incentives out each month. We also have a Khan Saturday Program - ask your math teacher to join!

Future School Council Meetings

December 7, 2021

February 1, 2022

April 12, 2022

* all meetings will be held from 5 - 6:30 pm

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