Final Exam FAQs

Tips and Tricks for Surviving Exam Season

  1. Consider giving free response, essay, and project exam components prior to exam day to ensure grades are completed on time.
  2. For multiple choice exams, consider a service like Zipgrade or Lexmark to quickly scan grades on your phone or iPad. Exams can be graded instantly and put into Focus without delay.
  3. Don't wait to input citizenship and gradebook grades! The system will slow down as the semester comes to a close. Have all of your six weeks grades put in and work towards having comments and other final adjustments made prior to exam week.
  4. Don't let students leave your room (without collateral). Ask students for something "meaningful" in exchange for a restroom pass. Don't assume students care about their backpacks or ID cards-- take a phone, wallet, or something else a student wouldn't want to be without over the holiday break.
  5. Have something available for students to do after the exam. Ask them to study, read quietly, or otherwise so as not to distract others who are testing.