HIV Awareness Month

By: Alyssa Genao

What is HIV? How can you get it?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The human immune system can't get rid of HIV but it can get rid of every other virus a person might have. This attacks your T-cells. When HIV destroys so many of your cells it causes AIDS. AIDS is the final HIV stage. You can get HIV by sharing drug preparation and injecting equipment with a person who has HIV. 78 million people have been affected with HIV and 39 million have died from it.

Why should people get tested for HIV/AIDS? Where can they find information about HIV/AIDS?

People should get tested for HIV because they might be sexually active and they get can get others infected. Also, someone who has HIV and isn't on medication, will feel fine but 8-11 years but die 2 years later. You must go to the doctor at least once a year especially at high risk. Clinics in New Jersey that you can go to if affected with HIV/AIDS: Hyacinth AIDS foundation, South Jersey AIDS Alliance, AIDS Coalition of Southern New Jersey, New Jersey Buddies, Hudson Price Connections Center.