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How to party!

What's the funniest thing to do on a friday night? Well if you're a teenager its party all night! If you haven't partied you haven’t lived. If you want to throw a party this is how!

How to throw a party

When you throw a party you need to know where to have it. I would have it somewhere close but not too close to your house maybe a storage building that you own.

When to have it

I would have my party in the middle of summer whens its not too warm and not cold.

Who to invite

First invite your friends then they invite their friends and so on I usually have my parties open invite.

What all to get for the party

What I normally do is just go to party city and get the normal party starter its about $30.00.

How to set your party up

  1. Make sure everything is clean and I mean spotless.

  2. Set everything up for nothing can spill or get messy.

  3. Make everything look nice and partyable.

  4. Party!!