Trade Show 2013

Lessons Learned -Sara Q

The Trade Show experience

Trade Show was the year end project of Year 2 IBT, which everyone looked forward to. Trade Show was an amazing experience as well as a learning opportunity for me, personally. I acquired skills I would not have other wise and experienced what it actually feels like to be an entrepreneur in the real world. Since the majority of people who attended Trade Show I was not familiar with made the experience even more real. It was definitely one of my most memorable days at Allan A Martin Senior Public School and I will remember it fora lifetime.

Post Trade Show feelings

Although fun, Trade Show was a lot of work and personally I am glad it is over and done with. I am fairly happy with the way everything played out, but like always there are some improvements that could be made, per say I was to do it over. I am proud of the way my company made sales and the reaction of the customers added to my joy.

Some of the new skills I have acquired

"One of the most memorable experiences of my life."

What I would do differently

If I got the chance to go through the Trade Show process over again here are the following changes i would make:

  • Not sell pre made products, only make them in front of the customers.
  • Let my partner stay home and manufacture day before
  • Start working on the backboard in earlier February
  • Edit the business plan more thoroughly
  • Pay more attention to smaller details (name cards, business cards, etc)