Borders and Power

Created by: Kelly Rohe, Johnson/2nd


Borders can be described as lines or boundaries that function to divide two political or geographical regions. Borders are implemented and established to maintain the integrity, order, and structure specific to society. It is because of borders that society is able to functionally operate and it is due to the implementation of borders that society has become as industrialized and prosperous as it currently is. The boundary dividing each of the fifty states that comprise the United States of America depict borders, as does the boundary dividing Europe from Asia.


Power can be described as the ability to influence or control the behavior of people or of a congregation of citizens. Power dictates the variation of governance that is implemented into a region and proportionally governs the success and coherence possessed and obtained by the region encompassed under the jurisdiction. Power can be depicted by the dictatorial regime established by both Hitler and Stalin, or by the authority obtained by the Federal Government.

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