Do men’s winter hats

Let’s face it, men or women, we all take considerable interest in runway and fashion shows, especially when the winter collections are launched. Being somewhat creative, we can all assemble a great outfit in minutes when it is summer. But winter is not only cold and chilly, but gives us a hard time trying to create just the perfect attire to wear to school or work, or even for roaming around the streets. During those coffee-driven days, we are all fond of wool and leather and heavy cotton fabrics, but do we think about fur? It sounds like we are possessing fancy winter caps when you can accomplish the task with a regular piece. Do we consider how a single layer of fur would contain the warmth of triple layers of wool? Perhaps we do, but then fur is priced so high that most of the people could not even think about purchasing it. Yes, price is an issue, but look at it this way: it is going to be the best investment of your life, at least for your wardrobe, as long as you live and beyond!

Everyone talks about fur headbands, cuffs and collars, and detachable neck bands made of fur, but they are all geared towards women looking for just something extra to purchase. The niche market for men's products, although expanding, is still largely lacking. We have a similar scenario when it comes to winter hats for men. A typical design is amplified, and a bunch of standard colored synthetic fur is processed and sewn together to create mens winter hats. But that is not it! With advances in design and breakthroughs in the fashion industry, the guys need to have as much variety to choose among hats as the females have. Reality check: walk into a men's wear shop and ask for winter hats or caps. You will find either the standard hats made of wool, or a tedious looking synthetic fur, or those Russian hats made of fur, and that too with a medieval look.

Somewhere along with the styling, designers need to pay attention to the prevalent niche for fur hats for men. The hats would need to have an element of extreme practicality, so they could be worn for rough outdoor sports. The warmth feature could be amplified so that the men's hats could be worn in extreme temperatures also. The feature about durability needs to be addressed too, and hat makers need to find inspirations to diversify the outlook, including sizes and shapes and shades of the hats they provide for the guys to wear. Fur, being an icon of fashion history, has evolved from being a basic warmer to an embellished accessory that is rarely affordable. It is time that fur wear evolves into something much better. Manufacturers must pay attention to producing batches of fur men's wear, so that men could equally feel welcome to invest in fur hats, caps and jackets for their future.

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