Fat Loss Forever part 2 of 2

Part 2

Fat Loss Forever part 2 of 2

Hey Guys, Joe Bumbrey here your Minister Of Health & Fitness aka The Traffic Man. Bringing you part 2 of this fat loss series. So here's the rest of those Golden Nuggets!

Fat Loss suggestions 11-15

  • Look at your current activity levels. Do you drive to work or bike? Do you work out in the afternoon or morning? Do you do cardio or just resistance training? If you can bike or walk to work, do it. If you work out in the afternoon, try some morning workouts to capitalize on lower blood sugar in the morning and more fat loss opportunities on an empty stomach. And if you don’t do cardio, definitely add at least three 30 minute treadmill, bike or elliptical sessions per week to start.
  • Try alternate activities to burn fat and improve muscle tone
    as you change diet. Swim, sprint, ski, snowshoe, cycle outdoors, or take up
    kayaking or stand-up paddle board (SUP). Every different type of thing you do adds to your fitness level in a different way.
  • Track your progress with food and activity using some kind of
    Smartphone fit app, or choose a tracking device from either Nike or Apple to chart your progress and keep abreast of calories burned through activity and diet.
  • If you go in to the gym and work out alone, try using a partner for greater accountability.
  • Add stretching or yoga to your program to foster relaxation. Cortisone from stresses such as diet, job, training or relationship can cause the body to hoard and hold onto fat. Relaxing, while increasing your strength and flexibility is a great way to combat the stresses of life.

Motivation: Trust Your Struggle

Golden Nuggets

Fat Loss suggestion 16-20

  • Run sprint intervals - In addition to your training, and cardio, run
    10 100-yard sprints to burn between 400 and 500 calories per session. Do this
    three times per week and your fitness level and body composition will change
  • No need to completely cut out carbs, but watch the starches and
    limit their portions to "small" and "once a day" as a general rule. If you have a cup
    of rice or pasta, try to keep it under a cup per day.
  • Use compound exercises in your training. Do fewer sets, and
    keep them heavier. The more muscle you can recruit in heavy compound workouts, the more fat you’ll burn – and the greater the lasting metabolic activity.
  • Keep a food log. It’s difficult to chart progress when it’s all in
    your head. Your head is less reliable than a log book. Looking back at what worked one week, but didn’t another, can provide clues to where you should make changes.
  • Don’t deny yourself the foods that thrill you, but keep them off the menu for between 7 to 10 days at a stretch. You can also slightly alter what you do like – by switching from milk chocolate to dark, for instance, or by chewing ice cream flavored sugar-free gum instead of eating ice cream. And if you really must have ice cream, try sugar free fudge or ice pops to take the edge off a craving.