new composting device

Harambe industries made a break through in composting

the minds behind the magic

Two kids in the 7th grade made a breakthrough Andrew Azatian and Evan Valdez made a devise that can make compost anywhere with food and water then the devise heats up and it makes compost even in places like Antarctica they hope it will save lives

What is compost?

How to make compost

Compost is a mix of kitchen scraps, grass clipping, garden debre, coffee grounds those are the green materials. Fallen leaves, saw dust, dried stems, pine needles, and newspaper are the brown materials. Water is necessary it speeds up the process. Do not put meat dairy, or bones. After a while it gets hotter around 140 degrees. Compost is made when decomposes eat the waste. Compost helps stop global warming.

Fun facts composts helps the decomposes eat the waste, there also a composting toilet composting helps the world.