Grendel Killed by Mercenaries

By: Haroon Mahmood, Cadence Marvin, Dhestiny Robert


Grendel came back last night to get more payment from the people of Denmark. He ended up meeting the mercenaries the mayor has hired in order to stop him. One person was killed during the crossfire, but then, the leader of the mercenaries, Grendel, decided to face him head on in a fist fight. He even took off the bulletproof vest and other protection he wore in order to make it fair. They fought for quite a bit until Beowulf pummeled Grendel to the ground and snapped his neck in the middle of the flurries of punches Beowulf was giving to Grendel.

Mercenaries leader identified

Apparently, The man that killed Grendel is related to a past mayor that was killed by criminals, but he takes no interest in the profit that his father had throughout his career. The mayor Hrothgar offered to have his name engraved in the city in order to commemorate for his hard work, and he accepts. In addition, he becomes the next mayor to help aid the conflict between this town and our rival.
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The Memorial

Beowulf was thanked by our mayor for his breviary in taking down the criminal Grendel. The city hall had be rebuilt because of the damage done during the brawl. Beowulf was given many awards such as the key to the city and thousands of dollars. To celebrate, the people danced and drank all night. The fallen were cremated and put on memorial.

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