Weekly Update From Eastridge

September 2, 2022

Important Dates in the Near Future

September 7

First Day of School for Students

6:40 am: Senior Sunrise Celebration in the EHS Stadium

September 10

6:30 pm: Rainbow of Stars Marching Band Competition on Erna Frank Field

September 12 and 13

School Picture Days – During Social Studies Classes

(Social Studies Teachers Will Notify Students Which Day Will Be Their Picture Day)

September 14

6:30 – 8:30 pm: Open House for Parents and Guardians

September 26 - 30

Spirit Week

October 1

10:30 am: Homecoming Parade begins - followed by the carnival and football game

First Day of School - September 7

Welcome back to school!

Students begin attending classes on September 7. The doors will open at 7 am and all may enter either the front doors where the buses park or the main doors near the large parking lot.

Senior Sunrise on First Day of School

Seniors are invited to come to school early on the first day of school. They will meet in the stadium (cafeteria if there is rain) for the "Senior Sunrise". It is a fun way to kick off the senior year - enjoying doughnuts with some friends as the senior year begins. We will close the senior year at the Senior Night in June with a "Senior Sunset", too!
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Phones and Addiction - How Eastridge is Approaching the Problem

We have been watching the use of cell phones in school over the past few years and found that they are having a negative effect on learning during classes. Students are exhibiting behaviors that are similar to other addictions. We know that use of phones (texting, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, games, etc.) greatly increased during the pandemic. As last year progressed, we could see the effect on learning in our classrooms. Students frequently felt a pull to use their phones during class time and had trouble concentrating on lessons, readings, and studying. Some tried to hide earbuds under hoods and masks to listen to shows or music during lessons. Our Eastridge observations match scientific studies that have been conducted about cell phones and learning.


Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One’s Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity (Ward et al. (2017) JACR, 140-154


The Mere Presence of a Cell Phone May be Distracting: Implications for Attention and Task Performance (Thornton et al, (2014) Social Psychology V. 45, 479-488:


Findings – Participants in the first study all turned off their cell phones and some were required to put it far away from them while others were able to keep the phone with them at their table. Those who had the phones with were much less able to complete thinking tasks. Having the phone within easy reach (even when turned off) seems to cause distraction. The second study asked college students to do various tasks – some with the phone with them and some with the phone out of sight. The presence of the phones negatively impacted attention of the students and performance on the tasks.

We also heard from parents that it is important for them to be able to contact their children during the school day. We want to honor that request.

New Phone Procedures at Eastridge:

If a student has a phone in a classroom or study hall, it must be put away in a bag or purse – out of sight of all students. Earbuds and earphones may not be worn during classes or study hall, as well. During passing time between classes and during lunches, students may use their cell phones.

If a parent or guardian sends a child a text, the longest the child will go without being able to see the text is 42 minutes (the length of a class). Therefore, parents and students can easily communicate throughout the day. If there is ever an emergency and a parent needs to reach a child immediately, a phone call to the main office should be made and someone will get your child for you right away.

Safety at Eastridge

Eastridge takes the safety of our students, staff, and community very seriously. We altered some safety features over the summer.

Door handles in offices and classrooms were updated with quick push-button locks to use in the case of an emergency. Each space can instantly become an isolated locked location if the school goes into a lockdown.

Entering the Building and Wearing IDs

Students will walk through one of the two official entries each morning where security or an administer will greet them. After 7:30 am, all entry into the building must go through our main entrance. We are also requiring that all students, staff members, and visitors wear ID tags. Students will wear colored lanyards that help people to identify them by grade level. Staff members will have similar lanyards and ID tags. All visitors will be required to check in at the security desk and provide identification. They will be provided with a temporary ID badge. The video below shows a typical entry process for any visitor to Eastridge.

Hoods and Ski-style Masks are Prohibited

We need to be able to quickly identify all people in the building right away. Hood and ski-style masks may not be worn in school. If a student chooses to wear a health-protection mask, it should cover the nose and mouth while leaving the majority of the face recognizable.

East Irondequoit Central School District Safety and Security
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Accessing Your Schedules

Student schedules are available in the portal. If you spot any empty periods, have your child contact the counseling center (339-1455) or email the appropriate counselor. Community Homeroom is listed after school on student schedules. This is not actually when the homerooms take place, but it is a place holder so that attendance can be taken. It actually occurs between first and second periods on C-days. This will be explained on the first day of school.

Students who requested lockers may also see their locker numbers and combinations in the portal.

Construction Update

Eastridge was a busy place this summer. Nine rooms were fully updated and students will be able to use them on the first day of school with new flooring, ceilings, cabinets, and outlets. Over the next year, the rest of the South, West, and North halls will be refurbished in a similar fashion.
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Eastridge Open House - September 14

Our Open House will take place on 9/14 starting at 6:30 pm. Parents and guardians will gather in the auditorium for about fifteen minutes for a brief presentation. As that concludes, parents and guardians will follow their child’s A-Day schedule, spending about eight minutes in each classroom.

Breakfast and Lunch Programs at School

The Federal Government and USDA allowed schools to serve free meals to ALL students during the pandemic under emergency feeding waivers. Congress did NOT pass the bill to extend these benefits for the upcoming school year. Families that are eligible for free or reduced-price meals MUST apply to receive them. All other students will pay full price for their meals.

Full Priced Elementary Lunch - $2.80

Full Priced Secondary Lunch - $ 3.00

Free and Reduced Lunch is available for those students whose families meet eligibility guidelines and by filling out a Free and Reduced Lunch Application.

Use the following address or search the district website for detailed information about the school breakfast and lunch programs, including free and reduced-price forms and how to prepay online.

Vaping and Teen Health

While smoking greatly decreased over the past three decades, there has been a steep increase in vaping – especially in teen populations. E-cigarettes (Vapes) have been marketed as safe alternatives (not true). They are easier to hide as many vapes are small and the mist and odor dissipates almost immediately. It is quickly becoming a health crisis for teens across the country.

Dab-pens are like other e-cigarette devices with one exception - THC (drug in marijuana) oil can easily be loaded into them. They also are easier hide in plain sight as they look similar to pens and the odor and mist that result go away within seconds.

Eastridge is running vape education campaigns at school and we are installing vape detectors in our bathrooms and locker rooms – places where we do not have security cameras. We hope to help keep our students healthy and not get addicted to the vapes.

Parents and guardians are invited to a district "Vaping 101" presentation on October 11 at East Irondequoit Middle School at 6:30 pm.

School Pictures

Photographers will take official school photos on September 12 and 13 during Social Studies Classes. Teachers will let students know the first week of school which day their class will have their pictures taken.

Order forms were mailed directly to parents and guardians in early August and there are extra forms available in the main office.

Freshmen Orientation Was Fun!

Thank you to the Link Crew Leaders and their coordinators for helping the Freshmen during Orientation on Wednesday morning. The morning was packed with fun and helpful information.

Did You Forget to Pick Up Your Laptop Last Week?

Students who did not pick up their laptops last week must get them during the first two days of school - during physical education class. It is important to do the following ahead of time so your child can start using the laptop as soon as possible. We do not want students to drop behind.

You will first need to create a Parent Portal, if you do not already have one. The easy-to-follow directions for creating the portal are in the documents linked below.

Parents or guardians must complete the Device Protection Plan Agreement before a student or parent may pick up the device. It is recommended that families enroll in the Device Protection Plan, which costs $25.00.

Students must also complete a Digital Citizenship Video with embedded questions. Use join.nearpod.com and enter the appropriate code below to get started. It will take about fifteen minutes to complete, and it works on most phones and computers. If you do not have a device at home, you may access one at the public library or complete it upon arrival to the distribution site.

9th Grade – NEY2D

10th Grade – DZ4N8

11th Grade – UE63J

12th Grade – G4EWD