Roller Coasters design

"The Dragster" By Dori Fousek

The Three Newton's Laws and how it effects the Dragster

- Newtons 1st law: Our new Coaster called the "Dragster" will have balanced forces until it reaches the top of the first incline. When the roller coaster moves down the hill, the recent balanced force will become unbalanced by the quick speeds making the coaster increase drasticly. The roller coaster then will accelerate, and remain in motion for several rises and falls. The coaster will slow down at up hill purposes, but will acclerate again by gravity. Once the momentum is used up, it again has to be pulled to the top of an incline and start down again.

- Newtons 2nd law: In the Dragster, we have to have protective and safty seats to protect any passagners from coming free of the coaster. The passagers forward mometum will push them down in their seats, but as they move up each hill, there bodies will attempt to continue forward. This is because the rate of change of momentum of the body is proportional to the resultant force acting on the body and by the same direction. For this reason a restraining bar is always needed. Our crew will make the safest ride that can be designed. To make sure you and your children are safe, my workers and I will provide proper equipment to keep everyone safe. This especially applies to when the coaster turns up againist gravity. In our Coaster design, we included a 5 cart ride witch can only hold no more then 500 pound weight limit. The reason we are doing this because, we have to have a certain limit that we can go to or it will not function properly. To much mass on the ride will cause it to either not be able to get up a hill or have a much slower pace. If we have a small amount of mass the ride will go faster then the normal speed. The reason we have to do this is becasue more mass there is, the more chance of gravity pushing the coaster back down.

- Newtons 3rd law: We had to design a way the chain had to pull the carts up the first hill. We decided that the chain will need to move the opposite direction for the roller coaster to move in the correct direction. This is called action reaction. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Over all, with the three Newtons laws, the most important law I think would be Newton's third law. This is because there would not be a roller coaster moving if there wasn't opposite forces pulling the coaster upward.

- The reason our coaster is over 100 mph is because of the steepness that we designed in our hills. The height of our first incline increases the speed of the Dragster by the gravity force because the 80 degree hill. Our crew made the Dragster have plenty of changes in velocity. More people will be wanting to have a thrilling ride with twists and turns. No one will want to ride a flat roller coaster. Velocity will create the twists and fast pace coaster that people want. We found the top speed of our roller coaster by figuring out how long the whole track was, which is 3000 feet long, and it takes around 1 minute long to complete the ride. To find the the average speed you need to divide the total distance and total time. 3000/60 (60seconds equal one minute) means the average total is 50 mph.

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