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Stephanie Tolliver Osborne

Professional and Creative Composition Services

Mark Twain once said, "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug." If you're fresh out of 'lightning' or just don't have time for it to strike, employ a professional writer who can create a variety of attractive, thorough, grammatically correct and stylistically original documents to assist you.

A Writer, Born and Raised

  • A Virginia native and North Carolina transplant, Stephanie Tolliver Osborne is both a professional writer and a writing teacher. As the director of a collegiate writing center and an English professor, Ms. Tolliver Osborne holds two degrees in English and has over a decade’s experience teaching and tutoring composition at the college level. She has previously served as a staff reporter for a biweekly newspaper, worked on the editorial staff of two literary magazines, and written grants that earned funding for educational programs.
  • She has interviewed authors Lee Smith, LeAnne Howe, and Thulani Davis; a former Miss USA pageant winner; veterans of foreign wars and 9/11 survivors, and a variety of educators and local government officials in both Virginia and North Carolina. Other writing experience includes publication in newspapers, literary magazines, academic journals, and blogs in addition to serving as a judge for poetry, essay, and public speaking competitions.
  • Most recently, she designed and implemented a college writing center and trained a staff of fifteen professional writing coaches to provide academic support services in composition across the disciplines. Her work to advance the teaching of writing earned her the North Carolina Community College System’s highest faculty honor, The R.J. Reynolds Excellence in Teaching Award (2012) and invitations as a personal guest to Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, a community college English teacher, and North Carolina Governor Beverly Purdue.
  • Particular areas of interest include grant writing for art, music, and writing programs; internal research development and statistics reporting; survey and data analysis; issues related to women’s interests; resumes, curriculum vita, and cover letters; recommendation letters; biographical summaries; editing and composing text for websites or corporate advertising; in-text citation and formatting in MLA and APA publication formats.

The Fine Print

Parts and Labor

  • Good writing takes time; excellent writing takes time, care, and attention to detail by a committed and creative person who loves words and has the ‘lightning’ it takes to reach readers and get results. Excellent writers are both born with a propensity for language acquisition, but are also made by years of practice, text and linguistic exposure, professional training in foreign languages, literature, and phonetics, and direct application of learned skills to a variety of composition tasks written for diverse audiences. Simply put, an excellent written product generated in a timely fashion is not only the result of an individual’s natural talent, but also his or her personal investments of time and money in formal education. Ms. Tolliver Osborne, an excellent writer, charges fair and reasonable prices that reflect her talent and investments for professional writing services.
  • Cash, check, or PayPal® payment for services is expected before written products are produced or finalized. Fees for writing projects will vary depending on the client’s unique needs and expectations as well as the timeline and amount of research required. Some documents, such as resumes or cover letters, are produced or proofread at flat fees due to their standardized formatting; others, such as grants, proposals, and reports, will require additional research and composition or proofreading time, and therefore, will be priced accordingly. Clients will receive a written estimate after analysis of their initial request and an expected timeline.
  • Finished products will be delivered electronically as file attachments to e-mail unless printing services are required. For printed documents, the client agrees to pay the entire cost of printing services by a jointly-selected third party (e.g. Kinko’s) and a non-negotiable or refundable $15.00 local pickup and delivery fee.

Integrity Clause

Regardless of its purpose, integrity in writing is of utmost importance for its positive reception and ultimate impact. Research will be handled responsibly, and absolutely no assignments for an individual’s academic work or written products that are a conflict of interest to Ms. Tolliver Osborne’s primary career will be considered. This disclaimer refers to composition and creation of text in whole or in part. Requests for proofreading of existing documents will be accepted or rejected on an individual basis after careful consideration. Ms. Tolliver Osborne's relationships with her clients are mutually agreed to be on a professional basis and are in no way affiliated with or related to Gaston College or to any professional organization of which she is a member (see complete listing below).

Media and Public Relations

2012 RJ Reynolds Excellence in Teaching Award - NC Community Colleges

Professional Memberships and Recognition

Charlotte Business Journal's "People on the Move" list, 2011

North Carolina Teaching and Learning Association (NCTLA)

Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA)

Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA)

Association of General and Liberal Studies (AGLS)

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK National Leadership Honor Society)

Sigma Delta Pi (National Spanish Honor Society)

Virginia Press Women's Award

Who's Who Among American College and University Students