Faith in God for Boys

Vista Stake - April 30, 2016


Vista Stake Primary hosted a Faith in God activity for Boys on Saturday, April 30th with the goal of helping the boys realize the importance of having a testimony. Boys learned that BOOT was an acronym that stands for Building Our Own Testimony.

The boys completed the following activities which can be marked off in their Faith in God booklets:

  • Plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal. (Serving Others)

  • Make an item from wood, metal, fabric, or other material, or draw, paint, or sculpt a piece of art. Display your finished work for others to see. (Developing Talents)

  • Read a recent conference address given by the prophet. Decide what you can do to follow the prophet, and do it. (Learning and Living the Gospel)

  • Plan and complete your own activity that will help you learn and live the gospel (write the activity below - listened to a returned missionary share how developing a testimony now can help boys be better prepared to serve a mission) (Learning and Living the Gospel)

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Bishop Riddle - Keynote Speaker

Bishop Riddle, of the Vista 10th Ward, started off the activity by talking to the boys about how having a testimony can be a "lifesaver". He shared some personal experiences as well as his own testimony. We are grateful for the spirit he brought to the event.
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Elders helped with a leather band

The boys choose an acronym of their own to punch onto a leather band.
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Sister MacDonald made an obstacle course

Wendy talked about spiritual crocodiles and showed some real ones on a video and made the analogy of how these spiritual crocodiles can keep us from developing a testimony. The boys then went through a "spiritual" obstacle course.
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Grant Synder, returned missionary from Vista 8th

Grant, who one year ago returned from his mission in New Mexico, talked to the boys about how a strong testimony helped him as he served a mission and shared the gospel with others.
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Quesadilla making

The boys learned how to make a healthy snack...quesadillas. This completed a requirement in their Faith in God booklet, as well.
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Group Photo