The Warriors Heart!!!

By Eric Greitens

The Character Analysis!!!

Eric Greitens is the Protagonist. Eric Greitens want to make a difference in the world for the refugees in Rwanda. Also Eric wants to join the Navy Seals to protect Rwanda. Eric is very good at taking photos.

The Setting and Characters!!!

The setting is Rwanda, China, Zaire, Missouri, The hospitals, the Navy Seals Base, The pacific beach, and his house The The characters are Eric Greitens, Juan Carlos, his soldier teammates, his sergeants, the Kung-Fu people, his boxing coach, his boxing teammates, Rwanda kids, china people, the refugees, the people at the hospital, and his brothers.

The Author and Summury!!!

The Author is Eric Greitens. The story is about a man who had a good life talking to refugees and decided he wanted to do more than just send supplies the refugees he decided that he was going to try to get in the army so he could actually fight for the refugees and his country.

The conflict!!!

The conflict is that the U.S. wasn't really helping the refugees in Rwanda so he wanted to join the army to make a difference.

The rising action!!!

1. When he goes to china, "... among all the places that fired my imagination- I chose China."

2. When Eric goes to the gym. "... I heard the sound of punch bags bouncing of their chains."

3. When he earns the golden glove award. " I pressed my name into the trophy, right below the golden figurine"

4. When he was asked to speak at a local church. " a friend invited me to speak at a local church."

5. He goes to Zaire. " line to cross from Rwanda to Zaire."

6. He took pictures at Santa Cruz. "... I took pictures so I could share stories..."

7. Eric went to Juan Carlos funeral. " They brought his body to a small chapel..."

The Climax!!!

The Climax is when Eric decides to join the Navy. "... I'm going to do this- join the military- why not really test myself?"

The Falling Action!!!

1. Wong burned a hole in his uniform. " fist-sized hole that you burned straight through your shirt."

2. He trained at the combat training tank. " took place at the combat training tank"

3. He did the fifty-meter under water swim test. "... more than eighty two feet- across."

4. He did the IBS. "They'd assigned each crew an IBS..."

5. On the beach Eric did "Log PTs" "log bouncing on our shoulders."

6. He went to places to learn how to jump out of planes. "Fort Benning, Georgia, for army air born school"

7. He decides to go back home. " ...thirty yards from the airstrip with bags at my feet."

8. He goes to the Bethesda Naval Hospital. " visit with the wounded at the Bethesda Naval Hospital."

The Resolution!!!

That he ended up helping by joining the navy and then after that supported the Travis Manion Foundation. "... set up the Travis Manion Foundation to honor Travis's memory." to help people in the army that were hurt.

The Theme!!!

The Theme for this book is that if you want to fight for your country than do it. And you should do what you desire.