A country in west Asia

Climate and Geography

Jordan has many different types of land. It has rivers, low points, and deserts. Jordan has a river that flows through it. It also has the lowest point on Earth located in it called the Dead Sea. The summer time is May through October. These months are dry and pleasant in the west. But, near the desert it can get very hot and unpleasant. Even though they have a river flowing through the country, they get little water for their own use because other countries often take these resources for themselves.


food, religion, clothes

One of the many dishes they eat in Jordan is the traditional dish mansaf. There main meats are chicken and lamb. They also like things like humus and falafil. There seasonal fruits are grapes, apples, oranges, watermelon, figs, and apricots. The national religion is Islam. Ninety two percent of Jordan citizens are Sunni Muslims, while the other six percent are Christians of all different denominations. In Jordan most men wear western clothing sometimes with the traditional keffiyah. The keffiyah is a traditional Jordanian headdress. Some women wear western clothing but wear the traditional Islam headdress, while others dress in full Islam clothing.


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