By: Jayla Johnson

Lets Learn Abot NASA

  1. The space age began Oct.4,1957, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik1
  2. A year later the United States passed the N.A.S.A to program
  3. According to the 1958 act,NASA's function are to conduct research on problems of flight within Earth's atmosphere
  4. The planing and control of NASA's activities take place at the agency's headquarters in Washington, D.C
  5. The Aerospace development of advanced air and space transportation technology.
  6. The space Science enterprise studies the nature of the universe through NASA's telescope and unmanned space probe.
  7. Human Exploration and Development of Space (H.E.D.O.S) is responsible for all facet of the Space Transportation (STS) ,or space shuttle
  8. NASA has ten chief field installation.
  9. The Houston installation is a command control center in Houston,Texas and the John F. Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral,Florida
  10. In 1969 Alan Shepard was sent into space.
  11. Feb.1,2003 , when Columbia broke apart about 40miles (60kilometers) over Texas as it returned from its orbital mission and reentered the atmosphere.
  12. NASA is responsible for the development and launching of the number of satellites
  13. The agency"s major accident was the death at applo1 astronaut Virgil Grissom
  14. the entire crew of seven died.
  15. the Biological and physical research unit investigates the effects of space travel on humans .
  16. The enterprise also directs projects that use space as a low - gravity laboratory for biology, chemistry, and physics.
  17. the following year John H, Glen got famous for putting two man on the moon in July 1969..
  18. A fire swept through the command module during a preflight test
  19. A second fatal space shuttle occured
  20. NASA is a space station

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Lets learn thing we never Knew before is NASA just for aliens