Golden Age of Literature and Drama

Writing and Drama of Japan.

Japanese Writing Systems

Japan adopted the Chinese writing system and characters. The characters stand for an object, action or idea. Today there writing includes letters and characters.

Japanese Drama

Japanese drama dates back to about 600s and doing Shinto dances. there was a special drama called noh "a retelling" the actors would ware wooden masks. The masks would show emotion for the character. Drama was for the upper class and the lower class also another drama was kabuki which was singing and dancing.

Tale of Genji

During the early 800s Japan and china ended there diplomatic relations because Japan had learned enough about china. Murasaki wrote The Tale of Genji its about a life as a prince in the imperial. The Tale of Genji was the only novel at the time that was realistic and focused on one individual. This story effected Japan in a great way.

Japanese Poetry

Japanese poems were often wrote about sadness or rejected love. Some of there most famous poems are short one is called haiku. Haiku has just 17 syllables in each poem. Matsuo Basho who lived in the 1600s wrote famous poems about Zen.