Miss Thomasson's Pioneers

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Box Tops are needed!! If we have the most, we can win a popcorn party! Please send Monday!

Parent/Teacher Conferences on October 24th

I have sent specific times out this past week. Please let me know if the time does not work for you. We will be going over academic and social glows and grows! I am excited to see you all on the 24th!

New Book Baggies :)

I have made the executive decision to change the book bag process. I normally do not change this throughout the year, but those giant ziploc bags were just not working for us. They kept falling out of folders and backpacks!

We have a new system!

*Your child will have a manilla envelope hole punched in their binder.

*It will have new poems, books, and sight words in it every week.

*Please leave the envelope in the binder.

*Use the materials inside and then place them back into the envelope to be sent back to school the next day.

My hope is that this will be easier to transport to and from school!


**Please check the Specials schedule and wear tennis shoes on the appropriate days.

**Wear black Press shirt on Mondays!

A Peek Into What We Are Learning!

Theme: Fall

Reading: Poetry: I can identify rhyming words. I can identify syllables.

Writing: Writing in complete sentences (this is not about mastering the skill, just being exposed to the skill)

Math: Numbers 1-20 (problem solving)

Science/S.S: 5 Senses with Apples

Sight Words:

Word Family: -an, -ad

Specials Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: PE

Music and PE have requested that students wear tennis shoes to their class!

Homework Expectations

Your time as a family is precious. Please only spend a maximum of 10 minutes a day doing homework! They work very hard at school and deserve some time playing and being 5/6. If there is a specific concern, I will speak with parents on an individual basis. Of course, I will always respect personal time with your child. My biggest request is that you spend as much time reading with your child as possible. This will be the BIGGEST benefit for your child!