Remote Learning with Ali

Let's do this.

Dear Q300 Students and Families,

I hope you are well! A lot has changed in just two weeks. While this situation would have seemed unfathomable to us a short time ago, we've jumped into the 21st century seemingly overnight. I empathize with students, teachers and families across the country—and all over the world who are experiencing this. I am confident that our students are in good hands. With you as their parents and us as their educators, we will figure out how to make this work together.

Flexibility will be key to this new journey. Our goal is to engage students in the learning process while also being attentive to their social and emotional needs. This will certainly look different than the regular school day. Students will now be expected to interact on a computer screen. It will be important to establish new routines that work for you and your family. Students will not be expected to sit in front of a screen all day long. In fact, I'd advise against that. My learning activities will be posted and students may work asynchronously. This plan will evolve over time but for now, here's what you need to know.

Starting Monday, I will:

  • Post assignments every Monday by 9am. They will be due on Friday's by 3pm. Some long term projects for students in grades 2-4 are posted ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. Keep in mind, things will change as I receive feedback about how things are going in regards to juggling the workload and having an entire family work from home. Again, flexibility is key. This is a starting point.
  • Touch base with you regularly via my website, email, phone calls and/or zoom audio chats (this will likely evolve to video chats but we are not there yet)
  • Provide channels for you to ask questions, receive feedback and support you remotely
  • Upload assignments to IO Classroom so you can see students' grades after they submit assignments.
  • Upload pre-recorded videos to help clarify, assist, and provide some face time :)

Please keep in mind:

  • On Friday, if work must be submitted via email, please include all the work for the week in one email.
  • While I will try to respond to emails immediately, I anticipate an extremely high volume and ask for your patience and understanding. All emails will be answered within 24-48 hours but I expect it to be much sooner.

I am genuinely excited to be on this journey with you! Miss you already and "see" you soon.