Neolithic revolution

By: Serena Hunt

Why,Were and When

Revolution is a widespread change of life when humans largely shifted away from living as roaming hunter and gatherers and began farming in settled agrarian communities.The Neolithic Revolution did not happen quickly it took up to several thousands of years. Researchers noticed that humans established settlements about 31,000 years ago. The oldest settlement locations were Syria, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, and Jordan. They all Date back to 14,000 to 11,000 years ago, they were all found in the middle east. The Neolithic Revolution begun at different times, different places, and for different reason. However, because the spread of farming equates to the spread of civilization, researchers will continue to investigate.

The First Crops

Some historians believe that a diminishing supply of wild grain,and food may have led to the beginning of farming. Without enough wild grain to support the population, early humans needed to find new ways to produce food. They also believe that women were most likely to notice the pattern in the growth of the wild plants in the areas, they repeatedly visited the land and then learned how to grow the wild plants themselves. This led to a gradual change as women began to cultivate plants, while men continued to hunt for food. This caused some people to abandon there settlements an return to hunting and gathering. They watered and tended the plants, harvest and stored the crops, and made further innovations, such as the use for fertilizer and farming tools.

The First Farm Animals

Researchers think dogs witch are domesticated from wolves, wolves were the first animals to be domesticated, they were most likely to be domesticated to help hunt. People first domesticated animals about 10,000 years ago. Researchers also think that goats and sheep were probably the first farm animals to be domesticated because of there small size and they would be easy to tame. Sheep and goats provided the farmers with milk and wool, milk for drinking and wool to make blankets and clothes. Sheep and goats were not the only animals to be domesticated large animals in herds like cows, and bulls were also domesticated for laboring in the fields. that is why farmers tamed them because they could labor the fields for a longer periods of time and they could do it faster then a person because they are stronger and move faster.