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Title III/ELD Listserv - February 22, 2016

Fair and Square Assessments for ELLs

by Diane Staehr Fenner

At a recent professional development institute in a school district in New York State, I led content-area teachers new to teaching English language learners (ELLs) through a geometry lesson entirely in German. I first lectured to them without providing any scaffolds, and then I gradually included visuals and a bilingual glossary in my instruction. Later, I had them complete a classroom assessment in German using the supports provided, working in pairs, and speaking in English. Reflecting on his experience, one middle school teacher noted he suddenly realized why his beginning-level Nepalese student seemed so tired at the end of the day. This exercise gave teachers a small sense of how flawed content assessment can be for ELLs when students are not yet fluent in the language.

Read more here about the urgency and three strategies you can use with your ELLs to support their assessment performance.

Helping ELLs Excel

Educational Leadership focused their February 2016 issue on the urgency and priority of providing effective instructional and supports to our growing population of English Language Learners. While some articles are locked for members only, many articles are available for free. Check out these great articles to support your ELLs!

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Setting Clear Learning Purposes for ELLs

by Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey

The language of school is demanding; much of the content is decontextualized and abstract, and it concerns matters that are far removed from the daily life. Students are expected to learn about rain forests and prime numbers, literary motifs, and historical events that occurred centuries ago.

Consider the additional cognitive demands confronting ELLs, who must tackle academic language and translate between their native language and English. For students who are recent immigrants with limited formal schooling, the classroom environment is even more complicated. Their teachers must teach not only the content, but also the language and social demands of the lesson. Understanding the purpose of their learning activities in all three areas—content, language, and social interaction—can help ELLs excel.

Check out the video below about setting clear purposes for ELLs and read more about how to provide this instructional support in your classroom here.

Tomás Rivera Recognition

The Greater Tulsa Area Hispanic Affairs Commission at City Hall recognized volunteers and workers making a difference for Hispanic students with the Tomás Rivera recognition at their February commission meeting.

A big congratulations to the Tulsa PS team members were among the recipients:

Lee Ann Macomber, Fine Arts Coordinator

Amanda Peregrina, Instructional Technology Coach

Maria Ochoa, Parent Volunteer, Owen ES

Stephen Bell, Teacher, Hale JH

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Get Your ELLs Talking

Check out these engaging and interactive discussion scaffolds to get your ELLs talking in class! Use these conversation structures to encourage your ELLs to share their thoughts and opinions, use higher order thinking skills, express themselves regarding their current lesson.

As we've learned through other strategies, once you establish and practice oral language discussion routines with ELLs, those same strategies can carry over to their writing to stimulate developed and expanded academic writing.

Celebrate International Women's Day!

When: February 27, 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Where: Martin Regional Library

Celebrate International Women’s Day! Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many countries around the world celebrate International Women’s Day annually on March 8. The holiday has expanded from a gender rights movement to a special day for showing the deep love and respect for the women who matter in our lives. Enjoy traditional live music, warm up with tea and yummy snacks, and explore the rich world of Russian-language resources available at the library and online. Children will get to prepare handmade gifts for their moms, watch a puppet show and play with traditional Russian toys.

Check out the flyer for more details.

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Webinar: The Science of Dual Language

The science of dual language learning for children birth through age five: Effective practices that improve outcomes, by Linda Espinoza

Date: May 11, 2016

Time: 1:00pm

In this session, Dr. Espinosa will briefly describe a new report from the National Academies of Science, Fostering School Success for DLLs Birth to Eighteen. She will then review what is known about best practices for young DLLs, birth to five, and provide classroom examples of research-based strategies to support the development and achievement of children who are not native English speakers. One of our most critical educational issues facing the nation is how to provide equitable and high quality PreK education that supports long-term school success for children who have been traditionally under served or inappropriately served. New research is shedding light on how to capitalize on DLLs linguistic knowledge and reduce the achievement gap at kindergarten entry this setting the stage for life-long learning. In this session, you will learn which strategies work best and which practices to avoid.

Click here to register. Can't participate? Access the archive here.

Upcoming Immigration Forum

The Coalition of Hispanic Organizations of Tulsa is hosting a free immigration forum on February 29th at 6:00pm at St. Thomas More Church. A variety of information will be provided including USCIS updates, DACA, information from the Mexican Consulate, taxes and ITIN number, and classes for adult ESL, citizenship, and GED. Read more information on the flyer (English/Spanish).

Feedback Needed: ELD Team T-Shirts

Interest has been expressed from our ELD team in regards to designing our own team t-shirt. Props to Melissa Boone, ELD teacher at Lindbergh ES, for the great t-shirt design below.

I need feedback from you on your interest in purchasing an ELD team t-shirt so that we can set a price with the vendor. Prices will vary depending on how many t-shirts we can tell the vendor will be ordered. For the purposes of a quote, if approximately 50 t-shirts are ordered, then the individual price per t-shirt will be $9.50 for sizes S - XL and $10.50 for larger sizes.

Please complete this brief survey on your interest in purchasing and ELD team t-shirt.

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Missed an ELD Department Meeting?

Check out the resources below from ELD Department Meetings this semester:

Upcoming Title III Events

Week of February 22nd:

February 23, 8:30am - Alternate ACCESS New Test Administrator Training

February 23, 12:30pm - Alternate ACCESS Veteran Test Administrator Training

February 23, 3:30pm - SIOP Seminar: Comprehensible Input (Elementary)

February 23, 4:00pm - Spanish for Educators (Edivate)

February 23, 4:30pm - SIOP Seminar: Comprehensible Input (Secondary)

February 25, 3:00pm - Special Education Interpreter Training (Edivate)

All sessions are listed for enrollment in MyLearningPlan unless noted.